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Column Guard


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Column guard, also known as column protectors or column padding, are protection gadgets designed to shield structural columns

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Column guard, also known as column protectors or column padding, are protection gadgets designed to shield structural columns, posts, and pillars from damage resulting from vehicle impacts or different collisions.

They are commonly used in parking garages, warehouses, commercial facilities, and retail areas in which columns are prone to being struck by vehicles which include forklifts, pallet jacks, or automobiles.

Features and functions of column guards

Here are some of the features of column guards:

– Impact Absorption:

Column guards are typically manufactured from long lasting substances inclusive of rubber, plastic, or steel, designed to absorb and dissipate the force of affects, minimizing harm to each the column and the vehicle.

– Prevent Structural Damage:

By presenting a cushioning barrier round columns, guards help save you structural damage and high-priced maintenance that may end result from collisions. They also assist preserve the integrity of buildings and structures.

– Enhance Safety:

In regions wherein pedestrians or employees are gift, column guards enhance protection by decreasing the threat of accidents due to car collisions. They create a visible barrier and act as a caution to drivers, encouraging them to be cautious close to columns.

– Easy Installation:

Most column guards are designed for clean installation, both thru adhesive backing, strapping, or bolting directly onto the column. This permits for quick deployment and replacement as needed.

– Various Sizes and Designs:

Column guards are available in diverse sizes and designs to house exceptional column dimensions and aesthetic possibilities. Some are cylindrical or rectangular in form, while others are designed to wrap across the column or cowl its edges.

– Customization:

Depending on the precise necessities of the utility, column guards can be customized with features consisting of reflective strips for increased visibility, corporation logos for branding purposes, or shade options to suit the encompassing environment.

Overall, column guards by J and N products serve an critical role in safeguarding structural columns and ensuring the safety of both belongings and people in environments where vehicle site visitors or different collision dangers are gift.

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Dimensions 31.75 × 4.75 × 3.5 in

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