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HyFlex® 11-600 (Gloves Hyflex 11-600)


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Hyflex 11-600 are light and sensitive white-colored industrial gloves, offering personal protection for delicate handling

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HyFlex 11-600 gloves are every other particular sort of industrial gloves offered through HyFlex by J and N’s products. HyFlex 11-600 offer various features and capabilities.

Uses of HyFlex 11-600

1. General Purpose Protection: HyFlex 11-600 gloves are designed to provide general-purpose hand protection in numerous industries and packages. They offer a balance between consolation, dexterity, and basic protection.

2. Dexterity: These gloves are engineered to hold properly dexterity and tactile sensitivity, permitting employees to handle small or complicated objects without problems. This function is specially useful in responsibilities that require precision and quality motor abilities.

3. Comfort: HyFlex 11-six hundred gloves normally feature an unbroken knit construction with a cushy shape, offering snug wearing enjoyment. The ergonomic layout facilitates reduced hand fatigue at some point of extended use.

4. Breathability: The substances used in HyFlex 11-six hundred gloves are regularly breathable, permitting air movement to help hold the hands cool and comfortable, mainly in the course of prolonged put-on.

5. Coating: These gloves may also feature a polyurethane coating on the palm and fingers, which enhances grip and abrasion resistance. The coating also provides a sure level of protection against light oil and dirt, enhancing handling and sturdiness.

6. Lint-unfastened: HyFlex 11-600 gloves are usually lint-free, making them appropriate for programs in which product infection or cleanliness is a subject.

7. Ambidextrous Design: These gloves are generally designed to be ambidextrous, taking into consideration smooth wearing and versatility in use.

8. Cost-Effective: HyFlex eleven-six hundred gloves regularly appear as a powerful choice for fundamental hand safety desires. They provide terrific stability in overall performance and affordability, making them suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Benefits of Hyflex 11-600:

  • Polyurethane coating and nylon liner: For optimal tactile sensitivity
  • Palm-dipped: Safety gloves with palm coating, for added protection
  • White color: A light tone ideal for less dirt-prone applications

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Medium(8), Large(9), X-Large(10)

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