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HyFlex® 11-561 (HyFlex 11-561 gloves)


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The thinnest, lightest EN ISO C/ANSI A3-rated cut resistant gloves, Hyflex 11-561 offering up to 20% greater durability

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HyFlex® 11-561 gloves are a particular kind of industrial gloves offered by J and N’s Products. HyFlex 11-561 offer various uses

Uses of HyFlex 11-561

Here are a few functions and potential uses associated with HyFlex® 11-561 gloves:

1. Cut Resistance: Like different gloves within the HyFlex series, the 11-561 variant is designed to offer wonderful cut resistance. This facilitates defend people’ fingers from sharp items, edges, and blades, lowering the hazard of lacerations and injuries.

2. Dexterity: HyFlex® eleven-561 gloves are engineered to hold excessive degrees of dexterity and tactile sensitivity. This allows employees to deal with small or sensitive gadgets with precision, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

3. Comfort: These gloves normally feature a snug, ergonomic layout that conforms to the hand, decreasing fatigue all through prolonged use. The cushty suit and breathable substances assist preserve consolation all through the workday.

4. Grip: HyFlex® 11-561 gloves frequently have a specialised coating, along with foam nitrile, that provides a secure grip on both dry and oily surfaces. This greater grip can enhance managing and manage, specifically in slippery conditions.

5. Abrasion Resistance: In addition to cut resistance, these gloves may additionally provide abrasion resistance, protective the hands from rough surfaces and abrasive substances.

6. Durability: The substances used in HyFlex® e11-561 gloves are chosen for his or her durability and resistance to put on and tear. This helps achieve gloves that have an extended lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and related charges.

7. Versatility: These gloves are appropriate for an extensive range of industries and packages, which include production, meeting, creation, automobile, and greater. Their versatility makes them a practical preference for numerous administrative center environments.

8. Safety Compliance: HyFlex® 11-561 gloves may also meet industry requirements and policies for hand protection

As with any private shielding system (PPE), it is important to select gloves that are suitable for the particular obligations and dangers encountered within the workplace.


Key features of Hyflex 11-561

  • FORTIX™ Technology: Up to 20% greater abrasion resistance
  • INTERCEPT™ Technology: Ultra-lightweight design delivers 20% lighter ISO C/ ANSI A3 cut level resistance
  • Palm-dipped coating: For breathable PPE gloves with superior grip

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